What is 3D?

3D stands for three dimensional however the term 3D has taken on many connotations. In the truest sense 3D refers to the way we percieve the world in which we objects have both width, height and depth. In terms of Robots! in 3D, 3D refers the an effect used to create the illusion of depth. This is done through a process known as stereoscopy. If you want a bit more indepth explanation of how it works check out the How Does 3D work section on this page.

Why is Robots! in 3D?

3D effects have been around for over 100 years. Recently they have had quite a revival due to an increased surge of highly technical Hollywood blockbusters. Robots! in 3D seeks to look back to an older form of 3D, anaglyph, which was very popular in the mid 20th century. We use 3D not as a gimmick but as a way to harken back to that era of comic books and films and the lost art of anaglyph 3D. We hope that the 3D also creates a unique and exciting online experience to our viewers.

How Does 3D Work?

The 3D effect works through the concept of stereoscopy. Stereoscopy entails delivering two slightly different images to each eye. This simulates the way we percieve a 3D space. Robots! in 3D uses a technque called analgyph stereoscopy which uses Red and Cyan lenses to filter out each eye's image. For more details about how 3D techology works head over to Adam's blog:

[What is 3D Anyway via rewired pictures blog]

[Adding the 3rd D via rewired pictures blog]

Where Can I Find 3D Glasses?

You can find the materials for 3D glasses all around you if you know where to look. If you are the in the mood to 3DiY check out these articles on the Robots! in 3D blog.

Make Your Own 3D Glasses with Lighting Gels

Make Your Own 3D Glasses with Sharpies

If hunting down materials and making your own 3D glasses isn't up to your speed you can always go to the Robots! in 3D Store on Etsy and get some customized 3D glasses or a 3DiY starter kit.

[Artist Edition 3D Glasses]

[3DiY Starter Kit]

What is 3DiY?

3DiY is the movement to 3 Dimension it Yourself. This means finding clever hacks or customiziation to make your own unique 3D glasses that reflect your individuality. We have posted some tutorials on ways we have found to make 3D glasses (see the Where Can I Find 3D Glasses Section?). If you have any 3DiY ideas or suggestions let us know! Shoot us a line at robotsin3d[at]rewiredpictures.com